More of niece Kiana (N and E's babe). She's such a doll :)
Also, been trying little new things on PSE.
Trying to figure out my watermark, too . . . .
Side note: I hear it is -20 and colder in the midwest these days.
It is (+)45 degrees in SE Alaska these days. Anyone looking for a warm weather vacation, come visit! Seems kinda funny, no?
Just for saying that, we are sure to get an ice storm and the food supply to the island will be cut off or something . . .
Stay warm!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love your pictures of Kiana! She's so sweet.

Crazy, about the weather. Wow, I'd love 45 about now. We have a whopping high of 0° right now. Warmest it's been in days.

Julie L. said...

What a little dolly- great shots and I love your black and white conversions.