Studio Experiment

Kinda sounds like a science project with my little sibs as victims, hey?! Seriously, I am kidding. Well, last Sunday afternoon, with subzero temps outside and the little kids in need of something to do, I put them to work in my "studio":
. . . a messy room, a ragged piece of black material from mom's sewing pile pinned to the hockey puck-battered wall, my diffused 430 EX flash (angled toward the ceiling/subject) attached via cord to my Canon EOS 40D, my new reflector set, and, of course, the "assistants". The kids took turns getting their portraits taken. Here's how it turned out!

Brynn (she LOVES my pink scarf!!)

real professional styling!



Leanna (a.k.a "Dolz") Let me tell you, she has a backbone!

My main assistant, Grant declined portraiture (I said that for effect), but I must thank him for his help holding the reflector and for "steering" the flash.
Well, I do appreciate the science of studio lighting. The result can vary so, so much by just a slightly different angle of the reflector or flash! (As usual, much more to learn!)


Katie said...

I can't believe how old they are all getting! Wow!

Anna said...

Those pics turned out great, Jen!

Jan said...

oh, looking at these photos gives me the bug to take some pictures. When are you coming back around here???? I think you would inspire me on the photo front, though you are much advanced on me! I'd like to learn/expirement more on the lights stuff.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Cute pictures, Jennifer! You're very inspiring.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks y'all. They are all growing up, indeed. Jan, I did say it was an experiment. so experiment away, it's fun. You would've laughed having seem my impromptu set-up. Hope to come back in the spring if there's no snowstorms.