The Creek Above the Town

Nate loves to pan for gold at this little creek in Juneau, up in the hills.
Our ferry back to Sitka was delayed due to high seas, so we went there 2 days in a row with the extra day.
While he panned, I photographed:

the texture in the moss,

the rusty piece of old mining equipment,

the ice droplets,

the husband,

the movement of the creek,

more ice designs,

and the surrounding landscape.
BTW, Nate did not find any gold beyond a few little flecks. But someday, he will find something, he says.
Regardless, this little spot is beautiful. The creek is so calming.


Jan said...

Sushi sounds exciting!

Lois said...

love the ice pictures! very neat (:

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Very cool pictures. I love that single red berry in the top one.

joan j said...

Good job on the pictures once again! I really like the red berry one. I think I have a thing for berries. :)

Julie L. said...

I love the last picture...maybe we could swap someday.... my kids for your scenery.. :)