A Zero Primp Day

Jan tagged me for an "immediate" self-portrait. So I can see I am beginning to look like a homely Alaskan-type LOL. And, a few hours previous, I went on a boat ride! (Nate just got a boat today . . . photos to follow!) and the spray of the frigid salt water and the wind really gave a nice glow to my hair.
Tagged: Katie, Laura, and Jill! No getting ready allowed. Just take as you are! :)


Jan said...

I like the glow about it.

MindiJo said...

I wish I looked that bad on a normal day. Pfft.

Anonymous said...

wow! you look good. not being sarcastic, either.
~ann b.

Jill - A Farmer's Wife said...

I just found out that you tagged me... Ummm...Hm... Well, here's the thing. I do have a digital camera but I do not know where Lanny hid the cable for it. Thus, I cannot post pictures at this time. How about I ask Lanny to find that cable tonight after chores and I will attempt to post a picture of me in all of my 'spotless' barn regalia? (attempt being the operative word here...it's tough to upload pictures when you only have dial-up)