Communications 101

Taught by Professor Nathan R. Skoog.
Prof. N. Skoog is the greatest expert in concise communication!!
Sign up for his class today.
My notes tend to read something like this:
"Dearest Nate,
4:32pm. I am going on a run down HPR
(note to reader: please don't think I am always going running) ,
I approximately will be gone for 45 minutes. Please come find me if I am not back by 5:30, ok? I hope you had a great day. Love you!
xoxox [heart] xoxo,
I definitely need to sign up for [Concise] Communications 101.
What do you think?
Really, I am thankful that he thought to write a note. I found it quite humorous.
Tomorrow is Good Friday!
Where does the time go?
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Sort of like my DH and his "LYT" which apparently stands for "love you tons". :)Trisha

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Oh, that is cute, though!! Male coommunication is definitely an interesting language to learn!

Once upon a time, ages and ages ago, Nate sent me a text JTAY.
Took me awhile, but I deciphered it and awww. so fun. Bring back those days!! LOL

Jan said...

I got a chuckle out of that post.
I guess Ron and I don't leave notes much, we leave messages on answering machines.
So would he worry or even notice if you didn't leave a note?

Anna said...

I'm in the 'at least he left you a note' camp. My hubby has issues with doing that. And often misses notes I leave reminding him of things...even if they're sticking out of his wallet.. bah. Entertaining post!