A Night in Hawaii

My friend, Dianne, asked me to take photos at their Spring Luau in town. Of course!
Plus, who doesn't need a mini vacation to the tropics? . . . and I've never been to Hawaii in real life to see a Luau, either.
Sitka has a talented Hawaiian dance group. They perform for a variety of events.
Here are some of the highlights.
These little girls definitely were a highlight in the show.

Fun night!


Jan said...

what a fun event to take pictures for! Looks like an evening of escape!

Anna said...

Hawaiian dance in Sitka?? Seems like an oxymoron! It does look like a lot of fun though.

Karen said...

ryan:something brilliant like "why dont you make me play on the computer while you cook me something?"
me: "what a negotiator. you should work for NATO."
ryan : "i do work for NATO...... nate-o skoog maybe!"
i think he kinda misses his buddy.

Karen AMH said...

Great pictures, Jennifer!
Thanks for the comment - it feels like going home every time I go there... I think at this point it's in my blood. :) and Nashville - I recommend it!! When I was there I was mentally planning a sisters trip there. Have fun at home!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Verstovia trip planned for saturday. I won't be going, but my dad will be and the rest of the guys plus some other random hospital folks. Think you and Nate could join us for dinner or hanging out tomorrow night? (Friday)