Gone Clamming

A couple of weeks ago, Nate and I were invited to go "clamming" with some friends to a special spot out on one of the smaller islands.
The beach is loaded with clams of all kinds. Clams spray water so if you look closely, you can see the "water fountains" all around.

Just for fun.

Milo . . . awww ain't he cute?! (Dog of M.W.)

Big clam. Brightest starfish I've ever seen.

Usually, you would find the clams about a foot down or so.


Clam spray!

Have to sneak in pictures with the hubby when I can.
It goes like this. I hand the camera off to someone and tell them they will take a pic of Nate and I. Then I run over and hug Nate and tell him to smile. He acts all annoyed but then, usually after a couple of kisses, he might smile.
The tricks you must try.


joan j said...

I've always thought that clamming and catching lobsters sounded like fun...I just have to get near water to try it out. How do you prepare clams and what do they taste like? I picture them to have a texture like shrimp; am I right or way off base?

Anonymous said...

Hi I was just wondering what kind of camera you have. Your pictures are amazing. Ricky and I are moving to Alaska and I want a nice camera. Any ideas.
Thanks so much.
Jennie Asiala

MindiJo said...

Love these glimpses of your life in Alaska. I always sort of wanted to live there. For a couple years. Then I'd have to move back to thaw out.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hey all!
Joan-- Clams taste rather chewy. They are yummy, when broiled with lots of butter. You just can't look at them when you eat them. But good stuff. My friend had us over for dinner that night: Menu was Clam linguine and appetizer: broiled clams (yes, with lots of butter!)

Hi Jennie!! Where in AK??? (hopefully Sitka! :)) I use a Canon EOS 40D, love it! The Canon Rebels are great, too!

Mindi- Let's trade for a year: we move to NM, you to AK. How 'bout it?

Anonymous said...

We are moving way up north. Kiana. Thanks for the info.