Easter Day Xtra Tufs

While I want to post other things, too . . .
The "virgo" {zodiac sign} in me insists that I post to my blog in chronological order.
or else I can't sleep at night.
The local "Xtra Tuf" dealer in town had a sale, so I finally caved and bought some of these boots that are a must-have in Sitka. I've noticed people who are only going to be on town a few months pick up on this trend and buy them instantly upon arrival.
Me, well, my pace is not quite so quick.
These boots are so popular in Sitka that the Xtra Tuf website actually features a radio series about the town's obsession with the boots.
We went on a drive Easter Sunday.
Nate and Russ walked ahead while I tried to kick my foot out to get in the picture.
Then I started laughing at how silly i must look trying to walk and hop along to get this picture. The guys glanced back and started wondering what I was laughing about.

Up at Starrigavin.

The Alaska Native delicacy:
Herring eggs.

They taste like mild saltwater, crunchy, and watery too.
Packed with protein.
(Yes, I did taste some)

Drove to the other end of the road by Sawmill Creek.

I'm trying to always shoot in manual mode but sometimes I just have to throw it back into Aperture priority.
(Hey, it's ok: one of Nate's clients this past summer is a high end pro in CA and taught me that trick.)

Sawmill Creek

How could I not get another shot of Nate, doing the usual . . .


Anna said...

Gorgeous. Love the scenery!

Ev said...

Great Xtra Tufs shot!