Family of 9 years

Think back 12 years ago, and I knew the mother of these adorable kids.
But back then we were probably jumping on the trampoline and enjoying our fun teen years.
So it was so fun to hear from Aileen about doing a photo session and meet their kids!

Sometimes I just can't get over how cute kids are!!

Father and son.

Outdoors are so much fun!
(When the weather cooperates!)

Scott didn't really want to do a photo session, but since they didn't have photos of them together since their wedding 9 years ago . . .
. . . and Mother's Day was just around the corner . . .
Don't they seem to be enjoying it?

Some people don't like the hand photos, but I do!
I am becoming in love with sepia tones . . .

Thought we were done, but then we came up with this backdrop!!
I love this lighting/ time of day . . .
Anyways, my learning continues and thanks for being patient while I catch up on my blogging.
So much fun to see you again, A and S and kids!


Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, Aileens oldest girl is just a mini version of her! I love all of these!

gina said...

awwww...such a cute family!