Memorial Day Thoughts

. . . As I drove up to Northern MN last week, I was thinking how lucky we are here in the USA to have the freedom to drive all over . . . without worrying about roadside bombs, terrorists {mostly not} and the like . . . {the above pic was taken in Nauvoo, IL during (my sister) Bridget and I's roadtrip to the TN Smoky Mtns/ Appalachians.}

I am feeling extremely grateful for our freedom and know that it is NOT free. I hope we all defend it greatly and with all our hearts . . . that we can live in freedom . . . to start out ouwn businesses, pursue a career of our choosing, believe whatever religion or faith {or non-religion} of our choosing . . . and live in relative safety.

So thank you to all who have served, are serving, and will serve our country.

I am also remembering my cousin, Andy, who died in June of 2005 serving in Iraq with the Marines, from a roadside bomb.

If I wasn't in flight en route to AK this morning, I would so much have loved to attend a Memorial Day service at a cemetery.

Those are my thoughts . . .

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