Becca & Brady {Alaskan Wedding Preview}

Becca and Brady were married in Juneau, Alaska on the beautiful shoreline on a beautiful day.
I assisted Sara, from Sara Morris Photography based out of Indianapolis.
She was so gracious to let me use my photos as part of my portfolio.
I was so nervous/excited to meet her and to photograph the wedding with her, but she is so kind and real (and talented!!) that it was so fun.

Love those shoes and those flowers . . . while Becca and Brady went down closer to shore, I snuck in this pic because she changed into her Xtra-Tuffs . . .

Alaskan style wedding!

More to come . . lots of proofing to do :)


Amanda J. said...

I love the photos! I love the picture of the shoes and flowers! I absolutely love looking at your work!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics, Jen! Too bad we can't have Alaskan scenery for every wedding!

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Beautiful :) How dreamy. I love the ones of the kids below too-- Vintage looks super neat!

Sara Morris said...

Looks great Jennifer! And, thank you for the nice comments! It was great working with you, and I wish I had more shoots in Alaska!!

Ryan Gladstone | St Louis said...

Gotta love that "Alaskan style"!