Leah's World

Little Miss Leah is an imaginative, vibrant girl.
I got a glimpse into her world this day.

She is so full of stories and life!! Mostly, Mom Cheryl and I followed Leah around as she told us about her adventures.

Picking flowers for her kitty . . .

She's got spunk, too! :)

Not sure if we told her to blow a kiss or she may have done it on her own.

Meet her kitten . . . I think the name changed a few times so I can't remember its name.

Such luck I had in getting to photograph such cute subjects!

Now if I had the 5D Mark II (my dream camera), I would've taken video of Leah talking to her cat. Think of how mom's talk to their baby.

Putting the kitty back home . . . with the flowers.

The treasures she found on our walk back.

Got to scare away the tigers!!
{I'm loving that half smile!}

. . . I believe this is her tail . . .

I think we were off on a bear hunt in this one!

Oh, what fun I had in Leah's world.
It was so fun to reconnect with Cheryl, too . . . it had been several years.

Happy Monday {Well, it still is Monday in Alaska, anyways!}


Kelly said...

Wow! You sure take some amazing pictures! These ones of Cheryl's Leah are so adorable!

amy i said...

Great pictures, Jennifer!!!!!

Anna said...

She is such a card. That mind of hers never, ever stops:)

Love them!

Jan said...

You sure captured Leah! I love the photo of the feet sticking out of the cat house. I am so anxious to see the photos you took of the twins!

Cheryl said...

Oh! I love these! You captured her perfectly!

joan j said...

These are great, you had me laughing out loud! Super job capturing that one! :)

Anonymous said...

love that st. bernard....oh, and the kid's cute, too!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Jennifer! So enjoyed finding your blog and gorgeous shots!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I am way, way behind on blogs, and trying to get caught up here~!

I just love little Miss Leah! You captured her personality so well. These are great!

I can't get enough of the one with her feet. Aw man, that's the best.