The Twins from the Hills

These adorable twins roam "Among these Hills" {blogger Jan}
Olivia and Lilah (I'm so sorry, Jan, I am not 100% sure on the spelling of L's name . . .)

They seem to have a special connection as you would expect from twins . . . like their own secret language.


Ok, let's try sitting together!

Maybe she's not in the mood for affection.


How can you not smile?


The hills are beautiful in No. MN.

This is my absolute favorite time of day to photograph . . . the sun is so warm colored

Big brother was my assistant . . . and he was a willing photo subject. Doesn't he have a great smile?
Jan let me roam around the yard while she stayed inside . . . "to give me creative freedom" . . .
to see how I would interpret the twins. She is quite the artist/photographer herself so I feel some creative pressure.
:) It's all good, though .

They definitely have their independence, too.

Sometimes I can hardly believe what is happening in front of my lens . . .
that is part of the thrill of photography:
you might have some plan of what you want to capture but the unscripted, candid stuff unfolds and it is so (soooooooo) cool.


Hmmm, maybe she broke a nail?

So, so fun! It is such a treat to see the twins (and their siblings) and spend time with them.
Jan and I had a nice visit afterwards.
I love the hills.
Someday we may move back there, when our Alaskan adventure is over.


Cheryl said...

These turned out really cute!

Krista said...

Oh, I've been waiting to see these! They are amazingly beautiful. I can usually tell the girls apart, but here they really do look identical. Great pics Jen!

joan j said...

The black and white one of the girls in the grass is adorable! I reminds me of some old pictures of my/Jan's aunts. So cute!

ethiopifinn said...

i enjoy coming to peek in at your portraits, and these are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

great jen! i've been waiting to see these....
~ann b.

Ev said...

My favorite is the one with one girl in the foreground and the other one faded out in the background. They don't always have to be right next to each other to make a great photo....

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These turned out great! I love that they were holding hands, so sweet. And, I like the bright colors.

{I kind of peeked over Mark's shoulder a while back when he was looking at these but am finally having a chance to comment.} :)