The Cowboy and the Princess

Wyatt and Brenna were so much fun to photograph.
Wyatt hardly cracked a smile for the longest time; he is quite the serious {cowboy}
. . . but he grinned a couple of times later

She is such a little dolly!

There we go!

Doesn't she just look like a princess?

Looks like a future rodeo/soccer star to me!

He found a rock in his boot.

Thanks, Vicky,
for the fun photo shoot. We sure had to work for the smiles from Wyatt but it sure was fun to visit and to see your two darling kiddos!

Lawnmower noises :)

Just barely caught the smiles . . .


vickymattila said...

Thanks Jen!! It was worth waiting for these pictures! All of your pictures have turned out great!! You have captured everyone soo perfect!

Cheryl said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

jennifer....thinking of you today, and sending warm thoughts your way. hope all is well with you, m'dear.
~ann b.

Karen AMH said...

Hi Jen! I love coming here to look at your pictures. They are all great!
I have lots of pictures of the twins, but Michelle and Ed haven't shared them online yet. So nothing to share quite yet.

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thanks so much. You are more than welcome, Vicky . . . I wish I could've sped up the process without sacrificing quality.

Ann- doing well here-lots of ppl around- I enjoy hearing from you always. We are enjoying a heat wave and lots of sun here. How's life in W-town?

Karen,can't wait to see photos of the twins someday :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

They are so cute! These turned out so nice.