Katrina & Russ {Wedding!}

Katrina and Russ were married 5.23.09 in small town, northern MN.
They are two of the most fun-loving, active, adventurous, and positive people I know. {Oh, and did I mention she ran an entire MARATHON --yep-- about 1 week before the wedding!!}
It was a beautiful day, complete with a beautiful bride and bridesmaids and all in all it was so much fun and I felt very fortunate to be a part of their day!

Getting ready to see each other!

The "First Look" ; this always gives me butterflies.

We went for a "little" hike through the woods along the creek to get some photos of Bride & Groom.

The sun was wonderful; it definitely makes it a bit more of a challege to get softer, even lighting, however. I did use a silver sided reflector to help light their faces along with a bit of diffused flash.
If anyone has any other great tips for shooting in direct sun, I'm all ears!
Thanks, Amanda, for your help here!

I love this . . .

Russ is well know not to smile for photos, but he definitely smiled in Katrina's presence.

Stoic Finns. Only for a short while . . .

This was such a simple and pretty wedding and truly centered around the meaning of the day.

Floral design by Jan and Jess {from previous post}

I could shoot in natural light 100% of the time if I could . . .


Hands photos are also my favorites!
Many Blessings and Congratulations!
Nate and I are fortunate to have Katrina and Russ living here in Sitka, too!
So fun to have them around.
{but not as fun for their families!}
{p.s. I've been working hard to improve the look of my blog. What do you think?
So after a marathon day of modifying html codes and doing other minor tweaks . . . I am pleased with the results. I also wanted to post "big" pictures, too! And thanks to Evelyn for helping me with the collages in pse! :) }


Ev said...

Nice work, Jen, on the blog improvements, and the wedding photos! It all looks great!

Krista said...

I especially love the flower pictures, and the one of them walking up the hill in the field. Great work Jen!

Sharyn said...

fun fun fun!!! I LOVE that last one!

I once shot the wedding of our Allan's second grade teacher who married the gym teacher. The gym teacher is known to be quite stony faced too and the second grade teacher expressed concern about it and their photos

None to worry - I said. I have just the solution.

So when we got to the wedding and began the shoot - I told him... "Randy" I said "your bride and I agreed that for every picture you don't smile in you owe me an extra ten bucks"

He was quite the smiley groom

Anonymous said...

Jennifer- Your Photographs are gorgeous!! You do a beautiful Job and You have a great eye for the great shots. Wish you continued success I can tell that you truly love what you are doing Wish I could have had you do Karmen's wedding!!

Amanda J. said...

Jen, the pictures turned out awesome! Once again, you are very welcome fore the little help I did. I had fun watching you work! I like the new look of the blog as well!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

These turned out so nice. I always like hand photos, too.

Your blog looks great!

Jan said...

These are terrific, Jen!
It was a beautiful wedding and you really captured that. I like seeing big photos on your blog too.