Katelyn {Seniors 2010} {& Happy Birthday!}

Happy Birthday, Katelyn!
This is my dear {little ??!!} sister . . . look what happened to her!
I remember her crashing my Barbie parties and her always wanting to tag along with BK and I . . . and us mean older sisters didn't always let her.
Awww . . . I can't believe she is nearly an adult and going off to college and all.
We took some photos in my parents' backyard and then cruised off to some local gardens . . .

Katelyn can read a stack of books at lightning speed; I've always envied that about her. Meanwhile, I am still intending on reading a book she finished in one day. What's up with that?


Tambien, ella habla espanol muy bien; me gusta conversar con ella.

{Also, she speaks spanish very well; I enjoy talking with her in spanish---(with what I remember--gosh my rusty brain!!) }

Feliz Cumplanos a ti, mi querida hermanita! Te amo muchismo y te echo de menos mucho! *Abrazos y besos de Alaska!*

{Happy Birthday to you, my dear {little} sister! I love you and miss you very much!

Hugs and kisses }

{note to any fluent spanish speaking person, please correct any errors of mine}

Happy Monday!

Time to sleep. This blogging habit sure keeps my up late.


MindiJo said...

Gorgeous!! And Happy birthday to your sister.

Laura Jean said...

Not that my opinion matters, but my favorite is the 7th one down, the one on the right. Gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Jennifer's sister! :)

Julie L said...

awesome!! I love your poses!

Jan said...

I really like the first one. Can tell you two are sisters! got my CD today, but haven't looked at it.

The Little Things said...

Wow Jen! once again you are amazing. And Kates is Gorgeous!

Amanda Kay said...

There are some pretty pics in there - a few of the b&w ones stood out to me! Gorgeous!

Katie said...

These are gorgeous! I can't believe she's a senior already... Wow!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

She is so pretty. These pictures turned out great!

~ Jennifer