Running in the Sitka Sunshine

We recently hosted an Intern at our small-town hospital.
He happens to be a great runner who has completed several marathons and one ultra-marathon.

{Sounds crazy to me, but WOW!}
Anyways, Mike had an idea to have me photograph him running in Sitka, as Runner's World Magazine {I am not a subscriber :) } accepts submissions from their readers.

So, why not get a glimpse of the great running environment in Sitka?!
Runners here run in rain, sleet, sun, and wind . . .

I told Mike to let me know if he is featured in Runner's World!
{Then we will both be famous!}


MansTouch said...

You just captured a lovely photo.
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Sharyn said...

I love them all, but it's that fourth one that had me setting down my morning coffee and coming over to the comment box - AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Jen. I can definatly see one of those in the "My Run" section of Runners World :)

Julie said...

I did the same thing as Sharyn, well, minus the coffee since it's darn near midnight, but that fourth photo- extra wow! They are all awesome. Great job. :)

Anna said...

I'll be keeping an eye out for your picture in future RW's:) They're awesome.