Alaska Day! {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

Alaska Day is October 18th; it celebrates the day when Alaska became a U.S. territory.
Sitka is the main place to celebrate this unique holiday because the official transfer of the (then) territory took place on top of Castle Hill in downtown Sitka, way back on October 18, 1867.
Alaskans re-enact this transfer from Russia every year after the parade.
The Blackhawk helicopters and Coast Guard Rescue Helicopters flew above the parade; it is such an exciting feeling!

The Alaska Day Parade is bigger than the July 4th parade.

Happy 50th Birthday, Alaska! 1959 (statehood)-2009.

The kids around squealed with excitement with this big Alaska Airlines balloon (the first big balloon ever in a parade here!)
The Army band played a concert the night before . . . they are great!

Here's to my Physical Therapist friends (and sis Bridget!) . . . showing off their skeletons.

The Sitka High School band was awesome; and their Xtra Tuffs were awesome, too.

The Keystone Cops and Dog Sled Divas kept everyone in line!

My friend, Christi is a volunteer firefighter.
Then, waiting for the re-enactment ceremony to start while munching on candy from the parade.

Lots of Army soldiers in town to help celebrate.

Taking down the Russian flag . . . and raising the United States one.
Then, the Russian General and United States General exchange pleasantries {and the giant Alaskan territory}!

One of the great hats of the time.

Governor Sean Parnell (he took over from Sarah Palin this past July) . . . spoke to us and encouraged us to keep celebrating Alaska Day and it's significance in history. He was impressed with the Sitka parade!

Right after the transfer ceremony, the Coast Guard performed a rescue demonstration.
They train fervently to do this. The Alaskan waters are NOT friendly. Very cool to watch and to appreciate their service to country and to the safety of all.


Pietila Family said...

These are so fun to see. Sitka will always have a little spot in my heart. I know, it sounds corny, but it's true. : ) Love the Xtra Tuffs! BTW, I cannot wait til you and Nate come to our part of AK!!

Krista said...

The picture of the helicopter is amazing! And so is what they do!

Anonymous said...

Great job capturing the day Jen!

Katelyn said...

Fun, fun! I wish I could be there to take part of these festivities! :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! What fun.
~ Jennie

Jan said...

Awesome fun! I love a good community celebration like that. Makes me want to come visit Sitka.

I like the strong sense of pride that Alaskans have. It really comes through in your photos.

Amanda Kay said...

Love it - your pictures definitely make me want to go to Alaska!

Thanks for the history lesson too! (ha ha)

JoLynn said...

Wow, your pictures are beautiful! Would love to see Alaska someday!! BTW, not sure if you know me or not, but I found you through Heidi L.'s blog. :) Are you in AK indefinitely or do you have a plan on coming back to the lower 48? Anyhow, just thought I'd leave a note saying hi!

BTW, do you have Trisha & Bradley's email by any chance? Just curious, as I figured that was probably them commenting above. It's been awhile since I've heard how they're doing. Thanks!!