World Diabetes Day!

Today is November 14th.
It is World Diabetes Day - - - the primary global awareness campaign for diabetes.
Those of you who know me, know that my "other passion" {besides photography ;) } is diabetes.
I worked at a youth diabetes camp right after college, for which the experience changed my life . . . and fueled my interest for working with diabetes.

My {darling} little sister, Brynn, has Type 1 diabetes, and recently "celebrated" her "Dia-birthday".

She checks her sugar 6-10 times daily and gives a minimum of 4 insulin shots daily. She is one amazing 8 year old.

However, she is one out of MILLIONS of people worldwide that have diabetes.
While Type 1 diabetes is the less prevalent form of diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes are just as serious and important to address.

Diabetes IS a controllable condition; you can live a long and healthy life with diabetes by keeping it in control.
It takes lifelong support, education, and care to stay healthy.
. . . and can be done!

There's so, so much more to be said about diabetes!!!
Read more here and here.

p.s. for those Nick Jonas fans out there . . . he has Type 1 Diabetes . . . and is promoting World Diabetes Day, too!


Sharyn said...

Darling pictures, what a honey! I had no idea today was World Diabetes Day.

(I tweeted this post)

Katelyn said...

Cute pic's of your sis!

joan j said...

I didn't know you were so interested in diabetes. I get gestational diabetes when I'm pregnant. Not that fun, but managable. I have a question for you....can gestaional diabetes be prevented?

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and enjoying reading about life in Alaska. Congrats on the full time job~heard certification is in the near future. You go girl! Your type-1 aunt ann

Tara said...

She has such beautiful blue eyes. Adorable pictures, and most of all I love to see your interest and involvment in something so important to you. It's inspiring.

Anonymous said...

where have you been lately? Missing your posts!

Pete/Heidi said...

As always, great photos!

Sharon said...


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Sheldon said...

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