It's December! {& some school portraits}

Some kind, {anonymous} blog reader of mine just asked about my whereabouts.
First of all, thank you, for noticing :)
and yes, the blog world has been continuing on without me.

Currently, I am in Anchorage, Alaska for work. And had to take a big exam today {which is over now, yipee!!}

Sunday, some fellow "Minnesotan-Alaskans" invited me up to Hatcher pass sledding, etc. Way fun! Plus a great break from studying.
More to blog later about that.

When I was last in MN, I took out the umbrella and my remote flash trigger and drummed up the subjects, a.k.a. and my dear siblings.
All of these are with slightly different settings, either adjusting the light placement or the camera exposure or the flash exposure.
You see, it can be all so subjective.
Generally I try to go by the histogram on my camera.
Anyways, here's Tyler, now well into high school. {What??!!}

We are missing Grant because he was out sick and in no shape to be photographed. :(

Here's Leanna. She's become so outgoing these past few years.

Here's Trevor, quite the baseball player!

And, I am sure you know Brynn :)
The baby of the family and she is quite the princess and knows it, too!

{p.s. more to learn as usual on studio lighting! Some of these have a round silver reflector added, too. If you can tell the subtleties. }


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

So glad to see you back. I've been missing your posts too.

Very nice pictures of your sibs!

~ Jennifer

Amanda Kay said...

Cute pictures! I remember reading someone else telling you they love your peaceful background music - I do too! I've put it going before and opened up another page so I can listen. Hope you are enjoying your time as it gets close to Christmas now!

(And I'm realizing I always use exclamation marks...kind of like the archie comics...I feel like I need to refrain from using it, but I can't help it!)

Katie said...

Hatcher Pass... I remember finding snow up there in July. :)

I can't believe how old your siblings are getting.

Jan said...

Hey, I'd love for you to do school portraits of my kids...very nice!! and so much better than those ones at school : )

Pietila Family said...

These are so nice!! Love the lighting and background. On a different note - I am so glad you're here!!!

Tara said...

I love the pics, and love how their eyes are really the focus. You take beautiful pictures. If I can afford you, I'd love to have you photograph my kids sometime when you are back in MN.