Chicago is a surprisingly fresh, clean city. Back in September I flew there for a diabetes conference, so I was indoors all day long learning lots of cool things. But for two evenings, a few people I met at the conference took the train downtown to explore. I really enjoy this city . . . much more than I thought as a usually do not really like the big city life.

Millennium Park is a must-see!
Yep, pretty sure that's some girl, named Jennifer Skoog, thinkin' she a pretty cool photographer or something, taking pictures of her reflection in the "bean".

The Bean.

A teen couple.

The "9" on the building was puzzling us. The next day it was "8". Then we figured out it was the countdown until the decision was made for the 2016 Olympics location, for which Chicago was a contender. (I believe Rio de Janeiro won the bid).

Faces that changed.

and spit water at you!

Buckingham Fountain.

We were pretty famished and walked about 12 blocks figuring out where to get Chicago-style pizza. We found Giordanos. Yep, 2 Dietitians ate the deepest deep-dish, cheesiest, fattiest pizza (super-veggie, though!) . . . good stuff.

The next day, we went up the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) Skydeck.

the 103rd floor. Clouds rolling in from Lake Michigan. (Wished I would've had my Circular Polarizer to rid those reflections)

A group of guys scoping out the view.

Looking at this still gives me goosebumps!

Only 1 inch of glass between the 103 floors and . . . yup, not scary at all!

Proof it was me out on the edge.

After a dinner of edamame, pad thai, spicy scallop rolls and iced jasmine tea, We rode the trains back to the hotel and while we were waiting, the TWINS/ White Sox game had just gotten over . . . so this scene became a fan zone.

There's always some satisfaction in navigating a big city.


annika said...

Looks like a great trip! and..glad that someone else made it to Giordanos and tried the most unhealthy, but too delicious to resist pizza! my all time favorite!

Ev said...

Wow, Jen! Some fabulous, fabulous shots of the city. My favorites include: the full bean at night, the couple in the bean, the clouds rolling in over the city, and the view looking down, with the legs and feet in silhouette.... By the way, Tom bought a digital camera on Friday. (!)

Sharyn said...

Absolutely Excellent!!

Jan said...

yee haw- I love the photos, makes me want to go to a big city and explore. Being on the street in a city gives me an excited feeling...
Thought about you this weekend, visited with your aunties Trudi and Katrina and Gma Ruth.

Anonymous said...

Jen! Sweet photos of Chicago-- the night ones were spectacular! Miss ya! BK

Brita said...

I don't know if you saw my comment about these pics on my blog. LOVE them. That one of the clouds rolling in is amazing.

Amanda Kay said...

Love the pics! Someday I have to make it to that city. There are so many 'somedays'!

KATRINA said...

Can you just set me up to receive your blog updates cuz'...you know...life just gets so busy and when I get a chance to check your blog...well, it's as if I was thirsty all day and I drank a glass of cold, refreshing water. Aaaaah! You got it girl!
Special K

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

You are so brave! I don't think I could stand out there if you paid me.

These were so fun to look at.

~ Jennifer