Missin My Sis {and some photoshop fun!}

I've been a little lacking in the blog world lately:
{Truth #1: I've been actually out hunting with my husband! (just a little bit) }
{Truth #2: I've been working on my w-e-b-s-i-t-e, yeah from way back in this post}
. . . and for all you photoshop nerds out there,
I found this great website with free actions . . . (they work for both pse and ps)

Here's my little sister, Brynn, {and myself} . The action here is: "Vintage News".
Definitely not one to use everyday, but pretty fun, hey?

Kinda drives me batty that it's not "sharp" . . .

But love this photo! And hugs to Brynnie (mwah!) and all friends and family back in the lower 48.

I keep pluggin away . . . trying to rid this cold/flu/virus . . . hope I'll be in shape for work tomorrow.


Ev said...

Been wondering what you've been up to! I'm here for Photoshop/website help, when you get time.

Anonymous said...

Awwww so cute! (this is Katelyn by the way) :) miss you

Mom said...

This is so precious... Oldest and youngest..my 2 September girls...and she is so much like you in many ways...you both have that awesome, loveable, caring and sweet personality..Miss you so much.