Puppies {Sitka Alaska Photographer

It's a miracle, but Nate and I have been taking my friend's wild, rambunctious puppies on walks. We've done this just a few times, but it's been such a fun experience to try to "train" (?????) puppies together.
Nate's not a verbose person,
{In other words, he didn't actually tell me : "Hey, Jen this is wonderful to hike with you and the dogs! I just love it!" LOL}
but he, too, seems to enjoy spending time with "Brother" (tan) and & "Sister" (black).

Apologize for the picture quality-- it was quite dark and high ISO still didn't give a fast enough Shutter speed.

The pups posed nicely with Nate.

But Sister became quite defiant for me.

Guess Nate has the more natural authority. hmm.

" Sister, sit. Sister, sit. . . "

I told Nate he had to walk Sister.
As adorable as she is, she has quite the independent streak . . .
Nate deals pretty well with her, though.
I walked trusty 'ol Brother.

We need to do this more often. Its good for our marriage.
A challenge.
. . . but a fun one!

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Pietila Family said...

How fun for the two of you! Bradley asked - so when are you getting one? : )