Sisters at Minnehaha Falls {Minnesota Portrait Photographer}

Back in April, my sisters and I spent a lovely afternoon at Minnehaha Falls.
It was a buzzing place as a marathon was going to be taking place the next day.
Even though a native of the Twin Cities, I'd never been to this park . . .
it's so fun to explore and "travel" within your home state!

Oldest and youngest

As with all families, each one has their distinctive personality.

Especially this little princess:
"The Baby" of the family.

We snuck back into the "No Trespassing" area, but knew we weren't the only ones who have done so because of the well-trodden path.

This Lightroom preset is called "Old School".

Love the candid-ness of this one:

but hate the fuzziness of this one (but love the content!)
That's what happens when you camera sits on your unstable purse, and shifts after you focus it.

;) Katesy has that star quality.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics of you and your sisters!


Anonymous said...

love the red barn door one. i like the falls, i've been there a few times, but have not taken the kids yet. nice family pics.
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Where are you?? Have you been gone?

Anonymous said...


You & your sisters are all beautiful!


Eric Hand, Edina

clippingimages said...

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