Tyler & Meghan's Minnesota Wedding 6.26.10

It was a beautifully *hot* day in Minnesota for Tyler and Meghan's wedding.
What fun it was to fly home for a quick trip and to have the honor to photograph their big day.

I have to say it's so much more relaxing getting ready at home . . .

Meghan is so spirited!

Waiting to see his bride . . .

Gonna see her groom!

Love the first look.

So many great places to photograph at their beautiful country home.

The fan added breeze to the muggy air and kept the mosquitos at bay.

Anyone realize that I am obsessed with hands photos?

. . . and laughter photos

. . . and shoe photos

Spying ;)

The wedding day paparazzi deserves a photo.

Ushers-spiking their do

One of my faves:

Loved. the porch!

Congratulations, Tyler and Meghan!

It was so thoroughly enjoyable being able to capture your wedding and for that I thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer~

Lovely pictures of Tyler and Meghan's wedding.. It was great seeing you!


Anonymous said...

Jen- These are gorgeous, you are so talented, and I LOVE being able to watch your creativity through your photos!

Jan said...

Jen- Gorgeous! as always : )
I love the b&w interior photos- how did you get the lighting so right?

Pietila Family said...

Wow! Jen, these are awesome. You can just sense the happiness!

Kari L'Esperance said...


Beautiful photos! It was such a special day and you captured the moments so well!


Anonymous said...

i am so glad to see these photos. i had to miss the wedding, and was disappointed not to go, so this was great! i love her shoes....possibly a first for me, to love someone's dress shoes.....i may be growing as a woman
~ann b.

Julie L said...

you are the detail queen, my friend! Beautiful, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Gorgeous pictures! I love every one!! Great job Jen! Beautiful bride and groom also!

Amanda Kay said...

Beautiful pictures and pretty bride! Great job!

Vienna Glenn Photography said...

love love love love!~

clippingimages said...

outstanding photography........