Sitka Sound Adventure Swim: No Limits! {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

On a 55 degree rain soaked August 8, 2010 in Sitka, Alaska, 
7 swimmers swam a historic first swim race 10k/5k race in approximately 53 degree temperature water---and to raise funds for American Diabetes Association.

I was fortunate to be able to be there to witness and  document this event, along with a few other Sitkans.

The race director, Dave, above,  has Type 1 Diabetes and is also is one of the founders of "No Limits" promoting "no limits" for people with diabetes and an active, adventurous lifestyle.

This race started out at "Magic Island" . . . 

It was so fun to hang out with the medical staff and also get some up close shots of these amazing athletes.

Each swimmer had a kayaker beside for safety.

And each swimmer was eyed up by this sea lion . . .

It was some of the most miserable, snotty weather this summer, but then again, these are some of the toughest athletes.

Turn around by the ferry terminal . . . 5K down!

This D1 swimmer finished the 5K successfully without a wetsuit and was quickly becoming hypothermic. We rushed him back to the heated tent.

First 10K finisher!


Other fabulous photographers present.

This woman has also swam the English Channel! 

Despite a fogged, wet lens, I couldn't resist snapping some photos of this adorable girl, here to cheer on the swimmers.

Oh, and those boots! She dressed herself with two dresses, too. Perfect for a rainy day, of course! ;)

This woman inspired the idea for this race as she was the first person to complete a swim from Kruzof Island to Sitka Baranof Island last summer!

Oh, and there she is again!

Shoeless and happy.

Dinner that night . . . Yum.

Dave again, speaking a few kind words.

J from American Diabetes Association gave some more inspirational words.

We were privileged to see a performance from the Sheetka Kwaan Naa Kahiidi Dancers.

The finishers, minus one.

And here's to NO LIMITS!!  Although Type 2 Diabetes is the most common, these people all happen have Type 1 Diabetes and depend on exogenous insulin (in their case via an insulin pump) to survive.

What a great event for a great cause!  Congrats, Dave, on a great race, and Congrats to all the finishers!

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