Sitka Senior Photographer: Eva's Portraits

Awww! What fun it is to do some more Senior Portraits!

Especially when we have some gorgeous Sitka sun. 
And gorgeous evening light.
And a new fabulous 50mm f/1.4 lens (LOVE IT!)
And gorgeous scenery and my favorite beach.
AND a gorgeous photo subject named Eva :)

(note to my 6th grade English teacher: yes, I know that you do not start sentences with "And" . . . but I couldn't help myself)

We found some fabulous old buildings, too and it was photography paradise!

I'm convinced she's a model, but her mother insisted she really is not one. 
Thanks so much, Eva!
It was a blast.
Have a fabulous senior year!


Jacques said...

Une belle série de portraits, la lumière est très belle.
Moi, je suis plutôt paysage et macro
: http://ballades.midiblogs.com

Jan said...

gorgeous, once again, Jen! Love her hair! I could use some of that : )

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! dont know how she'll ever decide, i think she should get one of everything.
Love you lots, heard you will be here in Oct, give a call if you have extra time think this time it would be fun to have some girls time out without kids!

Anonymous said...

the last one is AMAZING