Sitka Senior Photographer: Katie's Portraits

Katie and her mom and I walked around Totem Park for the beginning of the session.
. . .  SO much fun!! (I have the best clients ;)  ) --Katie was up for anything.
Had to make sure to get a photo in the "Tongass National Forest" . . .  

The silver reflector makes such a subtle but beautiful difference. I highly recommend one!

Since Sitka is on an island, having water as part of the backdrop is essential.


Sitka also has a nice collection of old buildings . . . 
When you are a photographer, you notice all the great photo backdrops everywhere and it's quite exciting!

I think Katie has some of the most beautiful eyes!

Thanks for another fun photo session!
Have a wonderful senior year.
So glad the rain stopped (just for us, right? :) )
I will keep working on the rest of your photos . . . 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Another gorgeous group of photos! How fun that you've been getting so many photography jobs lately]]

Pietila Family said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love these!