Kyleigh & Family {Sitka Alaska Photographer}

Awww- what a cutie!
She is turning 1 soon, so what a great occasion for photos!

Everything goes in the mouth.
. . .  Especially rocks and sand.  Kinda like a new kind of fiber.

. . .  and the good-natured, energetic family dog was happy to be a part of the family photos, too!
I'm pretty sure that's what you call a dog smile.

Mom says they are like best buds!

Had to absorb some of the Sitka greenery, too.

Studying her meal . . .

Here's to a great week and a Happy Labor Day:

:) :) :)

Thanks so much, guys!
It was a great time and Happy early Birthday to Kyleigh!


Danielle Clayton said...

Thanks so much for everything! These are priceless and I love the faces you caught on camera! : )

Pietila Family said...

What a little honey she is! Beautiful pictures and beautiful family. : )