Holly: Sitka Senior 2011

It was a SUN-shiney day for Holly's photos--
we LOVE the sun here in Sitka because it is a rare commodity, however we had to seek out some shade in the gardens.

I let my clients pick out their locations, and it is so fun because I just keep finding more and more great places to photograph!

Then we walked to a place "above the town"--- An old Russian fort building. . . another fabulous location.

Something that I just love about this one:

Holly said she liked the "vintage" look, so here are a few more . . . 
(I have a few of my favorite Lightroom presents and Photoshop actions for the vintage look . . . I usually tone them down a bit, tho . . . 75% opacity or so)
Here are the sources of some of the actions:
Soulshine presets
Coffee Shop
Pioneer Woman Actions
Another one of my faves:

THANK You,  Holly! 
All the best in life to you and ENJOY your senior year!

Your gallery is almost ready.

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Cheryl said...

Gorgeous, as usual!