Carrie: Class of 2011 {Sitka Alaska Senior Photographer}

Carrie had her photo session on the one of the two rainy days this week . . . but she is such a true Sitkan and didn't mind that it was a bit misty . . . 

This is my favorite "serious" photo so far! :)

Couldn't decide between color or B&W, so both!

Right after this photo, the DOWNPOUR began. :(
But Carrie's like "no big deal!"  . . . 
. . . and we decided to go to our next location and see if the rain was less there (really, it rains on one side of town and not the other sometimes!)

This new location was lucky. 
The rain stopped.

But we had to deal with fish smell . . . the salmon are spawning and there are half dead fish plugging up the river.
The bears are having a feast in the early morning and late evening hours . . .

(I've been carrying bear spray to my photo shoots . . . sounds silly, but . . .)

Carrie has some great, thoughtful expressions.

Straight to the American Eagle catalog . . .

I simply LOVE the Xtra Tuffs in the photos!  There are so indicative of place.

Ahh, what fun it is.
Can't believe I get paid to do something I love so much! 

Thanks, Carrie-- you are awesome for dealing with the rain and just going with it!
ENJOY your senior year!

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KATRINA said...

Nice work bella! Keep on keeping on. Miss you much!

Special K