Senior Portraits: Gelsey {Sitka Alaska Photography}

The evening sunlight was just perfecto for Gelsey's photo session.
What a fun evening; She was up for any of my photo ideas.

Walking a couple weeks ago with my friend Katrina on Japonski island, we came across this field of clover---- I KNEW my next photo session I was going to come here.
Glad Gelsey was game . . . I just love this series of photos.


Ah. What a great stretch of sun and seniors it's been!
Thanks again, Gelsey. You truly have a bright future ahead of you.



Laura Jean said...

I love looking through your photos- you do an amazing job! I don't always comment, but I just wanted to say that the one where she is standing in the water and you can see the reflection--- LOVE IT. Great work! :)

Anonymous said...

:) You used the spot we found. Beautiful pictures as always!