Family in the Minnesota countryside! {Rural Minnesota Photographer}

These people are very near and dear to me!  So happy we were able to make it work to do a photo session "out in the country".

The youngest somehow always should get their own photo!
He didn't want to look up at the camera, but I just think the light on his white hair is just awesome.

I just love dried out cornfields.

and the evening light, too!

A little different tint...

Aren't they all just beautiful ladies!  ;)

I've tried a new thing for outdoor portraits;  Instead of having my {Canon580Ex II} speedlight on my camera, I have an off camera cord and have some willing assistant hold it above and off to the side. The difference is subtle, but I do like it. Hope they agree!

One more lighthearted group one.

It's so much fun being back in Minnesota again!  
Thanks for your patience in having me get these previews up for you . . . 

My new "day job" has started and will be awesome--- I am just commuting long distances and putting in the hours so now that the first week is over I really hope to have a few more moments to devote to proofing (senior photos, more family photos, and a wedding!!) and have some more photos to share with all of you.


Nora said...

Hey Jennifer, These photos are just darling and sooooo GOOD I love that you are back to MN and can enjoy family again, say hi to all for me ..keep up the good work!! Love and hugs Nora!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Glad I got to see you when I was there. Aunt Karen (not the pictured one)

MindiJo said...

Oh! That just felt like a little taste of home. Even if it wasn't my family. I bet it feels wonderful to be back in MN. :) Hope you adjust quickly.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Great pictures! What a good looking bunch.

Welcome back to MN!

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

What Jennifer you are back here living? I think I am reading this right : ) Well welcome back! We will have to do a Christmas party this year!!

Love Michelle : )