Senior Portraits: Skylar

This is the last Sitka senior from this year!  I am currently in the great midwest (wow it is FLAT here) :) but am with family again!

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of blogging and delay in these preview photos.   It's been crazy with all the moving, photo proofing. I am quite behind in getting all the CDs, etc out but I will do that ASAP. phew. Just know I have been working hard and being diligent.  ;)

Skylar is such a gentleman; We did his photos around his yard and found several great backdrops. 

He taught himself guitar!

Thanks to Rhonda for this idea:  I love how everyone has a different eye and it was just an awesome idea!  

I love stretching creativity.

Thanks so much for the great evening of photographs; it was truly a pleasure!

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