Ben & Barbara's Winter Wedding {Menahga Minnesota Wedding}

I am finding it suitable to blog Ben and Barbara's wedding from 01.01.11 on 01.11.11!   at 11:11pm ....

The following few photos ( and a couple others mentioned below) are from the eye of Jan; she is a great artist and has a wonderful eye for photos; we had quite a bit of fun photographing together!  Thanks again, Jan!! 

Who says you need faces to convey emotion?

I don't like to put the "indoor formals" on my blog because it is not my signature style, but it's fun to post cute ones like these:

This awesome candid is one of Jan's too:  

There is something so pure and innocent about this photo:

The ever lovely window light ...  in the sub zero temps and biting wind, outdoor photos aren't always seeming so appealing, but natural light is simply the best.

Love the candidness in the "formal" setting: (this was unscripted)

This little cutie was so smiley; she was so happy for her big brother, too!

This other little cutie (I photographed her when she was way "littler" ... wow time flies!) ... has just beautiful eyes, hey?

Some Christmas "bokeh"

Below is another one of Jan's photos: 
(I just love it! ... definitely an advantage of having a second shooter who has a great eye!)

Giving her away ...

Awww,  sigh.
Many thanks and many blessings in your new married life, Ben and Barbara!
The rest of your photos will be ready soon.


Jan said...

how fun to see them! They look great, if I can say so myself : )

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I've been waiting to see them...I love the black and white of Barbara by the window- you can see the detail on her dress so nice. (and the one of Claire is darling, of course) I can't wait to see the rest! -Jess

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love those pictures.. I love her flowers, her dress. Jennifer I love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jen. You are SOO talented! Good job once again. and I love her flowers too.