Little Brynn {Wadena-Becker County Childrens Photographer}

Awww, this little girl just about had me to tears with her cuteness.

First and foremost, I love outdoor, natural light photography and consider the outdoors to be part of my "signature style".

BUT, being in frigid northern MN, it's time to get a little bit practical! 
Plus, now that I have a studio (getting ready for a grand-opening!) . . . it is fun to put it to use and exercise my creativity using strobe lighting. 
Plus, a few fun new props and a little baby girl help! 

So here ya go:

It is just the funniest ever ... all those expressions.
Always have to do one photo in the vintage look:

I think we could've just as easily put her on a sled ... she looks ready to go! 
Thanks for the fun afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Porcelain doll! Beautiful!
Kristine H

Anonymous said...

wow what a dolly of a model- and the studio photos look great! looks like you have some really cool props/backgrounds too.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

She's so cute! Great shots.

~ Jennifer

Pietila Family said...

Just darling! You'll have to post pictures of your studio when you get it all set up. ~ Trisha

joan j said...

Your studio pictures are just as good as your outdoor ones....so cute!

Katie said...

Cute! And I like your new watermark :)

Shannon said...

She is a DOLL! what a gorgeous baby. And as usual, I love you pics Jen :)

Anonymous said...

So, so cute! I see so much of her daddy in her. I like the new watermark too. -Jess

Amanda J. said...

So cute! She is getting big. I like your choice of props!

Anonymous said...

She's totally a doll! Love the new logo Jen. Good job on making the studio fit your style.
-Katrina H

Jan said...

Adorable, Jen! the floor looks great- your style is translated well in the studio.

Krista said...

Such a little (daddy's family name)!