Sonny says: Free Mini Session Winners Are:

Using Random number generator (and Sonny's official nod), the following entrants win a free mini session on Feb 12:

Kristine H
Emily P

You know who you are! ... :)  For all of those wanting a session,  winners and everyone else, please contact me for a time range you would like and I will put you in the schedule!

Starting at 9:30 am and every 20 minutes until 4pm, with a break from 12-1:30.

As I mentioned before, everyone who has a mini session that day will get a free 11x14 print with any order, as well as a watermarked CD (printable) with any photo order as well...

Thank you all for entering!!  Can't wait to see you all there!

Feel free to bring a couple of your own props, likely there will only be time for 1 outfit.  If you have more than 2 kids for photos, you might consider 2 mini sessions.  There are 15 mini-sessions total that day. :)

Email/text/call me soon for your choice of times :)
612-210-3039,  jennifer@jenniferskoog.com


Jan said...

oh, how awesome. I think I will have you take a portrait of Sadie. A ten year portrait. and I will let her pick her outfit. She would love that!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so pumped! Thanks Jen!


Anonymous said...

yahooo...thanks Jen, can't wait. now i need to find out exactly where you live and try and figure out what time i think my kids will cooperate the best.


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Angie- do you mind emailing me? I will give you directions :)

Anonymous said...

lucky winners! have fun everyone!
~ann b.