Drawing for free mini-sessions ends tomorrow at Noon CST! {Park Rapids Photographer}

Hi all, thanks to all who have commented and also for the support of this studio adventure!! 

You are all so kind.

If by chance there's a few stragglers out there who wanted to comment and enter for a free mini session, please do so by noon tomorrow (Friday, Feb 4th) !

I will draw the names for the 5 free mini sessions and post them tomorrow night. 

If you are interested in a mini session irregardless if you win the drawing, please email me/call me for a time that works for you and we will hopefully get you scheduled for a time that is open and that works.

I start at 9:30am on Sat Feb 12th, and go for 20 minute increments, taking a break from 12pm-1:30pm for the open house, then resume until 4:30.    A few of you have pinned down a time already; Thank you!

Sonny will be the judge to see that the drawing is done fair and square. 

One of Nate's ideas to see how Sonny looked with glasses on ... he looks pretty official I might say! 


Pietila Family said...

Haha! Sonny looks very charming with specs. Have fun at your grand opening! Wish I could stop by.

Andrea said...


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I'm so excited for you and your new venture! You're going to do great.

~ Jennifer

Jan said...

hahaha! I needed that laugh this morning- Sonny just looks so funny!

Andria said...

I stumbled upon your blog through one of my friends...love checking out photography pictures. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your dog! I have a Labradoodle as well, and she looks alot like yours, which doesn't happen very often. Most are really scruffy and hairy, and I was particular about wanting one that looks like ours do! Super adorable, and keep the pics coming, they give me ideas of pics for my own dog (which I take like a million of!) :)

Anonymous said...

Wade says he looks wise beyond his years:)