9 Months! 'Lil Cowboy {Park Rapids Photography}

Howdy, world!
It's been awhile, I have excuses, though! 
(Among them include a new {day} job, sister's engagement and busy past few weekends!)

Among the busy-ness, this little guy visited the studio!
What a TREAT! He was just a gem, so smiley and he had great eye contact with my camera :)

And, of course, he is just cute as ever, too!

Those precious rolls!

What a fun time! It was a joy! 
I will work hard on having the full gallery up very soon.


jana said...

Love them!! Thanks so much for squeezing us in at the last minute! :)

Jan said...


Anonymous said...

could squeeze him! did you post the winners from the open house?

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Thank you! The winners will be posted very soon!! Wow time flies!!!!! :)

Cheryl said...

Love the one in the buff! What a cutie!