Baby H turns 1 year! {Park Rapids MN Photographer}

Aww, what a fun morning! Photo sessions are always busy when the kids start being mobile! 
I invested in a couple of big softboxes to try to get more of a "window light" effect and already it is a huge improvement in lighting from my shoot-through 60in umbrellas.  I just love softbox light so far! (Natural light will always still win however.)

One of my favorites ever:


The expressions are so priceless . . .

It's more my style to capture a moment perfectly than to have everything be perfect in a photo ...

Even though this photo (below) probably won't be sent off to relatives or put on the wall, it is still a memorable photo for the baby book ...

Sonny was my "assistant" for these outdoor photos ... he kept little Helena laughing!

Thank you, sweet girl, for letting me take your photos!

Thanks again, guys for visiting the studio out here in the "sticks." :)


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!! They are so cute!!! -Kristen Halt

Katelyn said...

Love them all!! Great job Jen :)