Family of 6 {Menahga MN Photographer}

Hey guys, 
I am SO sorry it's taken me this long to get your previews posted!
Thank you for your patience and thank you for coming out to visit us ; I truly enjoyed the time photographing you all and getting the know the kiddos!

This image is a bit contrasty, but the family essence is there:

The little princess of the family, full of football facts, I'll have you all know!

He sure is handsome! :)

The oldest girl of the family always has to be well behaved ...
(I can relate!)

I could crack a smile out of this guy if I told him he looked like a true football player (which he is!)

Yep--these are the favorites always, the un-posed-un-planned caught on camera photos...

Of course, mom and dad need their own photo, too!
10th wedding anniversary!


Cheryl said...

Darling pictures of a darling family! Love them all!

VickyMattil said...

Love the results! What a cute family!!

Anonymous said...

so cute! -Jess

Jan said...

The color photos have such nice tones! and the black and whites so expressive...

Anonymous said...

Once again. Beautiful pictures!
Kristine H