Sonny's Little Brother ... and Sister {Pet Photography}

Oh, my goodness has life been busy this week.
I am interrupting my flow of posting Part 2 of the wedding because this little guy came along.

Nate and I had been talking about getting another puppy (Sonny is 10 months old and 82 pounds!)
but with him leaving for AK, it just didn't seem like a great plan.

 But, I am sorry... Rational thinking just doesn't happen when you get out of Wal-Mart and hear this cute little girl voice  saying "Free Puppies! Free Puppies!"   
Oh, how I tried not to even look because the second I look....
and OH my goodness gracious!!!

Beyond cuteness. 9 pups ... some running around, some sitting nicely in baskets with ribbons around their necks just waiting for their owner to take them home.

Oh my goodness. I simply cannot resist. 

This little guy looked at me first, and I picked him up and never let go ...

 I hid little guy under my sweatshirt til I found Nate in the backyard and showed him the surprise addition to our family.

Nate, of course, says with a smile, "Jen, you just can't pick up every puppy you see!"

 Nate has been smitten with the pup ever since... he has given pup more hugs and affection than I have seen in our whole marriage :)

 Now, him and Sonny are best friends. Sonny is teaching him how to "wrestle"---you  know, because boys will be boys.  Sonny is also a tad jealous and tries to worm his way in to get petted first. But he is a great protector as well... he lets little guy sleep by him, too! (Pup got too lonely and made quite the racket the first few nights until we let him just sleep by Sonny).

 Little guy (named Chaco) is just a little bundle of joy. 
We just love him. 


oh, and I realized I never blogged about out cat, Callie, who arrived this past February from Nate's G & G ... I will have to post about her sometime. She is a very independent, adventurous cat with quite the personality. All I know is that cats are extremely different from dogs!  does occasionally like to cuddle, however.   
Poor middle child syndrome she does have ...


Pietila Family said...

Oh my! No wonder you couldn't put him down. I shouldn't even look at these. Bradley has been wanting a puppy so bad and I keep saying, not now, wait til we have more room...but these pictures are just too darn cute. How fun!

Pete/Heidi said...

What a cute little puppy! :) How fun for Sonny to have a friend/brother! No wonder you had to just take him home ~ so cute! We have been talking about getting another puppy for Hondo, but have not yet (school, apt size, typical excuses)... but, seeing these pics makes me want another little furry cuddly puppy! :) Enjoy!

Megan said...

My kids would probably just LOVE to have a puppy. But Aaron and I always say we want to wait til we don't have to keep one tied up in town. Someday.... for now we have a new baby coming in six week(hopefully less!)and that will keep our minds off of puppies. enjoy your new little guy cause as you know, they don't stay little for very long! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could have passed that puppy up either. Those pictures are tugging at my heart.

Tif Lyons said...

Congratulations on your new addition!

Jan said...

Oh, he is too cute! I just love the color photos of him, and Sonny looks like a proud brother : )
Nate is going to have a hard time leaving you all behind!

Anonymous said...

Max wants to take the cat right out of the screen!! -Lisa