The Family with Luke and Puppy Duke

Oh, goodness, what fun.
A two year old boy and 4 month old lab puppy ... (about the same age developmentally) :)
played in front of the camera a couple of weeks ago ...

Just love this little guy 

going to check on the fish with dad...

Alicia & Josh:
likely their first photo together since having their boy.

Oh, melt ... the combination of these two cuties:

It's a pretty tall task to get both pup and boy to look at the camera at the same time.

You can truly tell that Luke loves his little brother, Duke :)

They even wrestle like brothers, too.

Thanks for a fun photo session
{and a great workout}!

Also, I love dogs (and usually cats, too) ... so feel free to try to include your family pet in any future photo session. I am just not  sure about pet iguanas ...

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