Mark & Krista's Wedding {9.17.11}

Mark & Krista had a cute little family wedding outdoors in her parents' beautiful gardens.

The wedding was vintage-themed, and it inspired my photo editing style.

She is a floral designer and her flowers showed such detail and perfection :)

I love the chicken coop.
And even more I love that they just struck the serious pose.


I promise you:
this was unscripted.

Just simply awesome light ...



Congratulations, Mark & Krista :)
It was an honor to be a part of your small wedding ceremony.
Wishing you a happy life together.

For more photos and to see some of my assistant Jan's photos, see my facebook page :)


Aleena said...

So glad to see them, we couldn't make it! They are absolutely gorgeous, and now I am lonesome! ;)

Anna said...

Absolutely wonderful, Jen! And Krista, what a beautiful wedding:)

MindiJo said...

Wow! Gorgeous!!

What a beautiful wedding, Krista! Love your style!