Emily: 7 months {Park Rapids Baby Photography}

Dear little Emily came to visit quite a few weeks ago... 
to get her 7 mo photos done. She is quite the dolly.
A couple of her older sisters and brothers came with to help keep her photo session going ...

I just can't get over how beautiful her eyes are!

One of my favorites:

this one, too...

Since becoming a mother, I've continued to think of ways that I can still say "sane" (relatively),work a full time day job,  be true to myself and my family, and also have my photographic art reflect my style...which is always evolving, but still aims to "capture the essence"...

I'm trying to simplify my editing routine, sticking to just a few lightroom presets and photoshop actions that speak to my style..
These days, I am much more drawn to the subtle, netural, earthy tones and the deep brown and white editing styles.  I will edit bolder color if it fits the scene but I am trying to further define and simplify the "Jennifer Skoog Photography" brand.

I will also be limiting my photo sessions to a few a month to offer the best to my clients (and my mental health ;-)  )
that being said, I still have a few openings, so don't be shy.

Thanks for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos again Jen!!

I, for one, love (and prefer) the "Jennifer Skoog Photography" brand. You do amazing work!

-Katrina H.

Jan said...

I always admire Emily's eyes. I love the dandelion behind her ear!