Project 52 {Week 12: self-portrait}

The lovely creators (Bree & Natalie) of Project 52 let me jump in mid-way and start posting
weekly theme-related photos.
Last week's theme was "self-portrait".
phew. had a vision, but turned out to be a bit challenging. :)

When at home, I mostly do have one or the other one rightnext to me which I {usually} love...
so the twinnies are a part of the self portrait series! :)

Also, my beautiful sister blogged her lovely self portrait from WARM Arizona....trying not be jealous.

Theme this week is "moon"...may even have enough energy to post later tonight...
it is a full moon tonight after all!


simply bree said...

Ohmygosh!! LOVE them Jen!!! Even though they weren't what you originally imagined, they are so so so perfect!! <3

Anonymous said...

Cute - so much of a Mom's self is in the kids!
~Lisa S.

Katelyn said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful mama and babes :) -Meg