A Calm Sunny Sunday Morning

A couple of weeks ago, Nate and Russ decided last minute to go summer style and head out fishing early!
We got up at the crack of dawn, although I could've definitely slept in longer.
I can't survive without my coffee.
(Today, I tried, but at about 10:00am I broke down and got some. Just 8 oz, though!)

The fisher guys . . .

Nate, doing what he loves.
(I love this picture because of the mood)

Russ. Calm waters+ licorice = No seasickness! Yay!
All I have to do is say, "This is for Katrina!" and he smiles.
That's what true love will do, I guess.

Fishing was going slowly . . . Nate decided to "crank up the heat" a bit and create a scent bag . . . (there's an official name for it, I am just not equipped with the right fishing vocabulary)

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Bring on the halibuts!

This is me, enjoying the sun. I set off the self timer, hoping my camera wouldn't fly into the water from a sudden tidal wave or something.

Yes, we can have dinner!
(Really, this is what we ate!)
Ain't nothing like eating local.

Their eyes bubble up from the change in pressure. Gives me the goosebumps.

One with the ocean.

So fun to see more whales.


Lois said...

Awesome pictures Jen! I love the one of Nate!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, I LOVE the one of Russ! Getting a good smile out of him in a picture can be a challange. Hopefully your tricks will work in May as well :)

Anna said...

That fishes eyes creep me out too! Fun pictures!

Megan Lorraine said...

That is one nutso looking fish! :) how fun to spend the day out on the water though. Ricky and Jennie A. are coming out there in the fall. He got a teaching job in northern AK. Not sure the name of where they are going though. I guess Noah is coming back up there again for the summer so you'll be seeing him again too. :)

brianna gray said...

You ate that fish?? Eww!! Ha ha. Love the shots though! The last whale one is awesome!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Oh, how I wish I could see whales! I've always wanted to. I'm in awe of them. We went to Hawaii, on our Honeymoon, at the end of the season and never saw any.

Ev said...

Great to see Russ on the water, not puking!