Happy Birthday, Nate!

Nate's surprise birthday party! We made homeade pizzas, including Nate's fave: ham and pineapple. Nate's boss and mother-in-law, Russ, and our old neighbors, Johnny, Theresa, their two girls and their nanny came over for the bash.
The girls were so excited to decorate our apartment in streamers and to give Nate his presents (cleverly wrapped up in an old Pampers wet wipes container). They made him an honorary bow tie as well. On the cake is the 47 lb King Salmon Nate caught last summer.

We hope to have many more guests at our apartment. Welcome to Sitka anytime!
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Katie said...

Happy (belated) birthday Nate!

Jan said...

Nice bow tie- perfect touch.

so is this a new apartment than where you were?

Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Katie- I will pass it along to Nate :)

Jan, Yes, new apt. We are 5 miles out of town and it feels like 25. (Based on our 14 miles of roads!)